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Now it is time for Window 11 OS as window 10 has done its time with amazing specs. There is a big buzz about Window 11 release date all over the website over its fans. Trust me or not, there are rumors that will there be a windows 11 is not going to release. And window 10 is going to the last OS from Microsoft. But it seems that those gossips are just useless. And many out there are keenly looking for windows 11 official announcement.

Numerous ideas and wish that people are guessing from Window 11 operating system. So we are going to talk windows 11 release date, specs and concept ideas in this page.

Window 11 release date

Even a little news about the Will there be a windows 11 official release date can make a big buzz on the internet. Though window 10 is accessible with a handful of wonderful specs, Windows 11 is a much awaiting one. Let me tell you why Window 11 features are creating such a big buzz though window 11 is being the top out of all window versions till date.

It seems right with the gossips we have discussed in the starting. The Word “Windows Redstone” is the factor for that. It is the fresh project that Microsoft has, and it will be accessible by the next year.

If we examine the past launch dates of window 11, then we can say that will there be a windows 11 in 2018. Anyway, some tech journalists are of the belief that it might by the end of this current year as well. We are not truly sure of the date of the launch date as of now, we will update you as soon as we get to know about that.

Will there be a windows 11 expected specs

File managing must become effortless

Currently, the way users can adjust various folders in their laptop or desktop, is a bit hard as well as untidy. The folders are all in attendance in the same folder, and in case the user wants to jump from to the other, they have to exit from it completely and then go to the next one. This absolutely hampers the sped of the users and they actually do not like to find out the particular folder from the side panel time and again. That being said we are definitely guessing Microsoft programmers with a much better and user friendly file management technique.

Easy power off

Whether we wish to switch off or set the PC on restart or sleep mode, in the current window operating system to perform so by right to use the charms bar and touching on the particular choice. There should be a simple substitute to it. For example the option to restart or power off the PC must be present in the same tray itself. Desktop lovers find it truly hard to manage the charms bar as switching it off. Though they have been using this spec from a long time, they will be more than happy to view it changed by a much more simplistic solution.

Quick access

Definitely, earlier windows OS do not have fast access. It was tough to access the restart and shutdown buttons which also contains sleep option. People may get user identification image on the starting screen of will there be a windows 11. Let us view what more comes with the windows 11 OS.

Aero glass transparency

This spec was launched to the globe in Windows Vista, and people respected this thought because they like transparency effects on their PCs. It was all going excellent till window 7 but in MS deleted this spec in window 8. My people have begun using 3rd party program to bring that effect, and that creates their system level to crash. That is why they have demanded to contain Aero Glass Transparency spec in their wish list of window 11.

Remove screen lock

Though this spec is extremely helpful for the tablet users, this is a true hazard for the desktop users. We would love window 11 to appear with such adjustments that while screen locking is accessible for the tablet addicts, it would not be accessible to the desktop persons. Or else desktop persons might be given the choice of locking the display from the task bar.

Direct access to the apps and desktop

It is yet another amazing spec going to be included to the window 11 OS. It is hard for people to access the desktop for applications and files in earlier editions of windows. It will be much better if it comes with a choice to customize the access to the desktop.

Option to switch and remove apps from taskbar

In the next age platform users should be provided the choice to have their own modified taskbar. This will support the users to position the most used applications in the taskbar and get access to them simply.  Currently, the taskbar default is showed before the users and they do not have the choice to get rid of the fewer used ones and change it with the commonly used ones. Customized taskbar is absolutely going to help the persons a lot.

Customized desktop backgrounds

The start screen in window 8 operating system is not supportive for customizing background, and that is why MS has provided built-in pictures to cover up this flaw. But users cannot use any other image on their start screen, so they have to use the default picture. People have requested to the Microsoft that they should include customized desktop background so people can enjoy their favorite pictures as their account profile images as well as on the desktop.

Will there be a windows 11 operating system expectations. We need to wait till of the window 11 official launch date announcement. Must visit our site for Window 11 features, Window 11 rumours, and specifications. Find more window 11 updates by sharing the page with your friends on social media.

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