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Find the best antivirus program for you by comparing security features of Webroot Vs Avast. Everyone knows that Antivirus play a vital role in security of computer. It will protect your computer from malware, threats and serious viruses. These programs also provide you other amazing features for more details read below:

A Deep Review on Webroot Vs Avast

Business info

Avast Endpoint protection is helpful for little office networks up around two hundred computers. The entry level product does not save a server FYI. Endpoint protection is just for workstations. You can perform Remote Management from the administration console. From the console you can manage, deploy, and update the managed clients running on the network. Some of the other specs contain running reports, scheduling scan job, and monitoring network activity. If you want specs like file server security, email security, etc you will need the End point protection plus version.

Webroot vs Avast Scan Job

On the other hand, Webroot has a wonderful spec where you can test out a live demo of the Endpoint protection in action on their site installing or downloading anything. It specs a web-based dashboard that will notify you of any viruses on any PC in the network. Almost 150+ settings accessible to be customized in the policies tab alone. Some of the setting contain popularity heuristics, advanced heuristics, operating functions and background using fewer CPU resources, disabling or enabling advanced rootkit detection, favor low memory usage over quick scanning, and more. Organize the PC on the network by groups like programmers and human resources for example. Simply produce reports presenting user PCs with threats on them.

Avast vs Webroot

Amazing features

Avast implements clever antivirus for detecting viruses, threats, ransomware, spyware, malware, and phishing attacks. A chill spec of Avast is the Wi-Fi inspect. Wi-Fi inspect checks your router configuration to stop threats on that front. Cyber capture specs offer true-time threat detection. Questionable files found on your personal compute are sent to the Avast Threat Labs to be analyzed by experts. The Avast Password spec permits you to remember just single Master Password. Avast Passwords will remember all the other passwords across all gadgets. The SafeZone Browser is a custom browser designed to improve security for banking, web browsing, and shopping.

On the other hand, Webroot uses a unique technique for cloud detection. It trusts on the cloud to not touch secure program and attack serious program. The special spec is if Webroot finds an unknown program it pauses any permanent actions such as transmitting private data and it watches all actions taken by the program. Further it will reverse actions take in its log in an attempt to undo the problem. Webroot statues that it can take between forty five and ninety minutes for a decision to be made on a questionable programs by human analysis. For this reason deleting all viruses is not instant but is pretty helpful that experts will help you behind the scenes.

Customer support

You can contact Avast through phone or internet form if you have issue. WebRoot has a troubleshooting agent which attempts to fix the issue, if that fails you can submit the problem through internet foam.


Avast can identify FileTour, BrowseSecurity, Downloader-E, Silentinstaller, Numeriq, ShellCode, VBCrypt, FileTour, and Runboost to name a few. On the other hand, Webroot can identify Spora, Fantom, Nemucod, Crysis, Sama, Locky, and Spora to name a few.


Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus costs $37.49 for a licensing period of twelve months, which is approximately average for all antivirus programs. A free trail is accessible to try out the product and decide if it is best for you. If you are not relaxed with the product, a money-back guarantee is accessible within a right time-frame. On the other hand, Avast antivirus lowest price is $49.99 per year.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Prevention Video Review

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