LG g5 vs Samsung galaxy s6

At the time of buying Smartphone, we do not consider many things due to which after using the phone we regret to buy this phone due to the unnecessary features. Many brands available in the market and you can find different local brands in each of the countries, but only three or four international brands working throughout the world and selling a large amount of the Smartphone, Samsung, Apple, Panasonic, Motorola, and LG. These are the most famous brand who is generating quality Smartphone for the customer and facilitating with the highest quality product. LG g5 vs samsung galaxy s6 will give you inspiring comparison and a verity to purchase mobile according to your need.

Each of the brand different technologies in the phone and use a different version of the Android, these all brands uses the Android operating system, which is open source. They just change a few features of the android operating system as per the mobile phone technology and introduce in the market. Only Apple uses its own IOS in the mobile phone and they do not use any open source operating system, but still, Samsung gives the taught time to Apple in the international market.

As compared to Apple IOS android is more simple and easy to use. You can easily find the application at play store for any purpose, but in IOS you have limited access to a free application, a maximum number of applications are paid and further you cannot transfer the data to Apple phones without syncing with your computer. In the android, you can easily transfer data to the computer without synchronizing or installing any extra software on the computer. Further, there are many things, which are easy in the android as comparable to apple, but if you talk about the security then apple would be on top. They provide maximum security for your data and no one can access your data if you do not put an icloud password on the phone.

None of the brands is 100% perfect for users. Each of the brand and operating system contains some of the weakness and they are trying to develop it for making more convenient for the users. You must consider your need before buying any of the Smartphone. If you need Smartphone for using different heavy application, then you should consider high configuration mobile, which contains at least 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. The low configuration Smartphone does not become able to process any action at earliest times and spend a few minutes to run any application frequently in the Smartphone.

If you are businessman and you need to run several applications on the phone and you love android then you should consider these two phones for regular use lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6. These two phones are one of the best phones with high configuration and quality features and functions. The best things about these two phones, you can upgrade the latest version of the android. For example, if any of the application is not working in the older version of the Smartphone then you can upgrade the android to the latest version and there would be no conflict with the hardware of the phone.

Here are some exceptional features and comparison between lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6 that you should consider before buying any of the Smartphone.

LG G5 Features

  1. It supports GSM, CDMA, HSPA, LTE. You can insert any of these types of SIM in the phone and it would work easily.
  2. It is a dual SIM Smartphone, you can run two SIM of the different network at a time on the phone, the weight of the phone is around 159 Grams and the screen size of the phone is 5.3 inches, which is, consider the large screen size.
  3. You can find this phone in various color themes but usually, the majority of the people use a black slim stylish color of this phone.
  4. The phone contains the Gorilla glass LCD that is unbreakable.
  5. The operating system of the phone is marshmallow, which is a second last version of the current Android version, and you can upgrade it to latest version Nougat.
  6. The process of the phone is Quad-core that is the latest technology in the process and the speed of the process is around 1.6 GHz, which is enough for running any heavy software or application.
  7. Normally phone does not contain the highest storage space for saving data but it contains 32 GB built-in internal memory and further you can insert an SD card up 256 GB. It contains the 4 GB Ram that is enough to run any of the applications without hanging mobile.
  8. Many people purchase phones only for the loud sound. Therefore, you can enjoy the loud sound speakers on the phone and clear sound.
  9. It has the ability to cover more than 100-meter Wi-Fi range and shows complete signals and run perfect internet on the phone, further you can use mobile data and hotspot for sharing internet connection to anyone.
  10. It contains Bluetooth, Infrared port, Radio, USB port for transferring any of the data to a computer or from computer to mobile.
  11. It allows you to lock the phone with the fingerprint sensor.
  12. The battery timing of the phone is around 400 hours on 3G and talk time is around 20-hour.
  13. The best thing about this phone is, it has around 16 MP cameras that are enough for taking a high-quality picture and 8 MP front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6 features.

  1. Samsung mobile supports GSM / HSPA / LTE SIM only
  2. It contains Gorilla glass that is unbreakable unless you fall it down from 10 floors to ground floor. The height of the LCD is 5.1 inches.
  3. It contains the lollipop version of the android, but you can upgrade to Nougat anytime and the hardware of the phone support it.
  4. There is no extra slot for inserting SD card, it contains around 32 GB memory for storage of the data and 3 GB RAM for processing application and commands.
  5. Octa-core is process technology and the speed of the process is around 1.5 GHz.
  6. It has a wide range of Wi-Fi catcher and you can use mobile data anytime and can share via hotspot with anyone, it supports Bluetooth, infrared port and USB 2.0 but it does not contain radio facility.
  7. You can access the phone by using fingerprint technology
  8. The battery timing is 49 hours of music play or talk time is 17 hours only, which is much, less than LG phone.
  9. You can find this phone in several colors like White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, and Blue Topaz.

These are the above features and functions that LG and Samsung phone contains, if you compare the features and functions of g5 vs galaxy s6 phones then you will find LG phone more comprehensive and useful as compared to the Samsung because LG phone contains high battery timing that is a common demand of the users. Everyone wants to have high battery timing so that they could use it for a long time.

The size of the LCD should bigger as LG phone contains around 5.3 but Samsung contains only 5.1. Further, Samsung is behind with regard to configuration. LG phone contains the ability to support 256 GB SD card extra and provides 32 GH internal memory, while Samsung only provide 32 GB internal memory and there is no slot which could increase the phone memory. Further, the Ram of the LG phone is around 4 GB but Samsung has only 3 GB. Therefore, if you compare both the Smartphone configuration, then LG G5 would be more useful.

The most important things about the operating system of the both phones, Samsung contains lollipop, which is much older than Marshmallow that LG contains, but the great thing is that you can upgrade both the phone with the latest version of the android. The hardware of the both phones supports the latest version of the android. The processor technology of the both phones is change. The LG phone uses Quad-core technology, which is the latest technology of the process, and Samsung uses old technology octa-core. The difference between the both Smartphone occurs due to the change of technology and features. The LG phone looks more advanced than the Samsung phone and the above analysis shows clearer pictures that which Smartphone would be more considerable for buying due to the comparison between lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6.

At the time of buying Smartphone, you should consider all above things. The analysis of the phones has been given to you for showing how to compare two phones and choose the best one. When you compare both the phone configuration and specifications, then you automatically become able to take a decision. Do not depend on the goodwill of the brand always consider the technology. If you think Samsung is using better technology than LG then you should purchase a Samsung phone. It is all about your inner satisfaction, but if you purchase, according to the analysis, then you to choose LG G5.