Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

A latest leak relating to the Samsung Galaxy S8 has provided us a short look at what the Smartphone monsters of South Korea has in store for us.

Design and build

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S8, while keeping the same premium build of its processors, seem to be additional refined by Samsung, according to the latest report. The page also exposes that there will be a sensor for fingerprint on the back on the mobile, unlike the ones fixed in the home button in present-gen Samsung mobiles.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy 8 will have a further 3.5 mm headphone socket.

Other details exposed by the Guardian point to the attendance of an iris scanner, storage capacity beginning from 64 GB, and also a dock and program capable of making the mobile usable in desktop atmosphere.

The infinity screen

Discussing to undisclosed sources, the Guardian has leaked details that have left us swooning over the remarkable curved, and nearly bezel-less screen on the Galaxy S8. Additional, it is expected to come in 2 sizes, one in the five inch range while the other, larger one in the six inch range.

Despite raising the display size, Samsung plans to keep the sizes of the mobile almost the same by using a lowest amount of bezel around the display. It is being favored to as the “infinity screen” which will cover most of the front of the gadget. Actually, the firm has seems to have done away with the logo on the front of the gadget due to the deficiency of space.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

The declaration date for 2017 Samsung flagship is said to be end March and they guess it to go on sale around the 21st of April.

2016 has been anything but boring for Samsung. After making one remarkable phones in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7, the producer’s hopes for the year were set on fires, thanks to the Note 7 failure.

Other features

Samsung also plans a range of latest accessories for the Galaxy S8. 2 sources said a latest dock and service that changes the Galaxy S8 into a personal computer Android desktop, linking to a keyboard, monitor and other peripherals known as Dex will be accessible. Dex has been compared to Microsoft Continuum, which links Window Smartphones to a desktop extension to permit them to be used as Window PCs, but just with Window store applications.

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