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The Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7 were recently launched by the Korean tech monster Samsung a while back. Both gadgets made a big impact in the Smartphone industry and were extremely well-received and reviewed. Samsung truly worked hard on these gadgets and it shows. Both pack remarkable specs gathered with top standard performance and hardware.

Can you root Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?

Some S7 edges and S7 are rootable, and some are not. The former are the international models with Exynos processors, and the latter are the American models with 820 Snapdragon processors. Those gadgets, bootloaders are locked, and that means you cannot root them just yet. That many replace: T-Mobile is purportedly asking Samsung to construct the Snapdragon models rootable for the reason their buyers have been demanding it.

Samsung galaxy s7 root will almost positively invalidate your warranty and there is forever a danger that you will brick your gadget. It is a remote danger, but it is a danger nevertheless. Rooting is not particularly hard or extremely dangerous, but if you are not positive with fiddling around with system program it might be value trying substitute customization options such as custom launchers instead.

Before you root the Galaxy S7 edge and S7

Before rooting your gadget, you need to know actually what model you have – installing the package made for another modem may change it into a costly paperweight – and it needs a perfect charge of 80% or more. You have made a backup of everything that is important to you, definitely, you are alert that rooting your gadget will trip Samsung Knox security – so after you Samsung galaxy s7 root Samsung pay will no longer works. For the same reason you should not root corporate galaxy given by your employer, as doing as may well knock out any corporate right of entry that uses Knox as the gatekeeper. Additional, you would probably get fired or disciplined.

What to do if rooting the Galaxy S7 edge and S7 fails

This process does not forever job first time, because sometimes the globe is cruel. If rooting your Samsung fails, repeat the steps again. If there is a still no luck, try again, but this time follow the steps and stop rather than permit the Auto-Reboot option. You will then need to reboot the phone manually into recovery mode to root the gadget, to perform that, press and grip home, power and volume up until your mobile reboots and starts the root process.

How to root Samsung galaxy s7 root and S7 edge with Odin

Before beginning with following steps, ensure to back up your data and completely charge your gadgets before starting to root your smartphone.

Permit developer options

The primary thing you need to perform is permit the Developer options in your Smartphone. To perform this just go to the gadget setting, and find phones build number. Tap on the build number 5 times and you will have developer features enabled.

Enable OEM unlock

Now you can view the developer options in the settings. Go to developer options and permit OEM unlock.

Get root files

Before you begin the process on your mobile download the Odin tool, then download the auto root file from Chain fire for your Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7 and keep them on your PC. You will obtain compressed zip file, unzip them and obtain files with tar.md5 extensions before you start.

On your mobile, boot into download mode

Now it is time to begin with your phone. In the primary step, you need to boot your gadget into download mode. Turn your mobile off and reboot by pressing and gripping home, power, and volume button keys. Grip the buttons for a few seconds and you will find your phone in download mode.

Get phone drivers

First, ensure that you have Samsung Phone drivers installed on your PC. Download the drivers from your gadget and install them on the personal computer and proceed to the next step:

Run Odin on your personal computer

Now as you have files rooted ready on your personal computer your gadget in the download type, start the Odin tool on your PC and then link your phone through USB cable. Wait until you view the “included message” on Odin.

Begin the root process

On the Odin tool find the AP key and click on it. Now browse your personal computer for the tar.md5 file which you have kept earlier, in the third step. After picking up the root file, now click begin and let the process go on. You will not view any steps forward bar as on your Smartphone it will present the Galaxy S7 logo instead. Your gadget will reboot many time as the process goes on and finally it will boot into Android and you will be completed with your Galaxy S7 root or the Galaxy S7 edge root.

Your gadget will reboot a couple of time as the process go and finally it will boot into Android and you have your Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7 rooted.

How to root Galaxy S7 with Android Root

Android Root is by far the most amazing techniques for Samsung Galaxy S7 root. It follows an easy and problem free single click process which is hundred percent secure and safe. Supporting over more than seven thousand gadgets, then dr.fone toolkit has the biggest success rate in the industry.

Let us proceed and view the steps involved on how to use this toolkit for rooting your Samsung Galaxy gadget successfully.

Step No 1: The primary step as usual here too involves linked your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or S7.

For this, at primary you will have to start the Wondershare dr.fone Android toolkit on your PC and click on Root in the middle of all visible toolkits on display.

Now take a cable USB, definitely real, and link your Samsung gadget. In example you have the Android edition as 4.2.2 or more, a pop message will show on your display asking permission to permit debugging. Click OK to permit and then dr.fone Android toolkit will job on recognizing the mechanically link your Galaxy duos.

Step No 2: this is clearly the process rooting and detecting your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7.

Once you can view that your phone is linked, click on begin and the dr.fone Wondershare Android toolkit. The software will now begin detecting your gadget and job on finding out the best way of rooting it. The detecting process generally varies as it depends on the phone model.

Once noticed, the dr.fone toolkit will be ready to begin with the rooting procedure. Click on Root now to begin.

Even in this procedure of rooting, there will be a pop-up message, asking you if you would love to permit rooting of your Samsung duos. Verify by tapping on the display and permit rooting. There you go, and in a couple of minutes, you will have rooted your Samsung S7 edge and Galaxy S7.

Advantages of Samsung galaxy s7 root

Run unique applications

After you have rooted your mobile, you can run unique applications that need root access on your mobile. When matched to regular applications, root applications give more specs.

As these unique apps openly deal with Android system files, they can pinch your Android in more wide ways. For example, you can uninstall different applications silently after you have root entry using eUninstall.

Run custom RoMs.

One of the big reasons I rooted by phone was because I wanted to install and use the custom ROM on it. These custom ROMs bring many performance and teaks fixes and are much more user friendly when matched to the stock ones. They are optimized in performance and battery is improved more frequently than the stock ROMs.

Free internal storage

People who have low internal memory can move any application from internal memory to SD card after rooting their mobile. There are some applications that give the option by default. But if you want to force move an application by making a symlink, you must use an applciaiton that only jobs on a rooted phone.

Once you have rooted not just can get more applications on Google store, find the operating system version you want, remove amazing bloatware for good to free up internal memory, but install the customized kernels that are worked differently, improve batter life as well as better the performance.

So these were about the merits. Nothing best and there are certain caveats linked with rooting an Android gadget.

Disadvantages of rooting your Android mobile

Rooting will canceled your warranty or even leaves you a bricked gadget. If you want to keep the warranty for your mobile, you are not advised to rooting your Android gadget. Due to the unrestricted access, you would face a security danger; you should carefully use your mobile.


S, you have been warned and acquainted. If you think that rooting the mobile to run unique applications and custom ROMs is value is, go ahead. If you think, it is not value the hassle, stay put. At the end of the day, it depends on your usage, and what you want your mobile to do for you. Definitely, proceeding with caution no matter how amazing an expert you think you are is forever advisable.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Root Video

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