Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

In our detail review, we will be matching 2 Android phones by Samsung head to head and try to support you find out which is amazing Smartphone for your requirements. Both Smartphones have 16MP big cameras but Samsung Galaxy Note 5 7 inch LCD whereas Samsung Galaxy S5 has 5.1 sized display.

We can guess this to be a close match up because both models are ranked among the top in phones.

Let’s have a short look at the big features of galaxy s5 Vs note 5 before getting into our detail analysis.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features


Samsung has done its top to make the Samsung Galaxy S5 look pretty different from the S4. It has a dimpled back, while the Galaxy S4 is glossy and smooth. There is one thing that brings the 2 phones together, though.

Where the HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2 try to use costly feelings, or looking materials throughout, the Galaxy S5 is almost fully plastic. The corners of the mobile are trimmed with sharp plastic that and spectator might mistake for metal. But the plastic feel is unmistakeable in-hand. The fresh design corners are ribbed too, which looks bad than the perfect style of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The impression is not a wholesale advancement.

Fingerprint scanner

Samsung new fingerprint scanner is more amazing. We have seen a few various fingerprint features in mobiles over last twelve months. The Touch ID iPhone 5S is a remarkable success, the HTC One Max rear scanner a flop.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is similar position to the iPhone scanner, but it is not pretty as slick, although it is better that the scanner in the HTC One Max.


The display is a wee bit bigger than its predecessor measuring 5.1 inches on the diagonal. It has a complete high definition 1080p resolution providing a pixel density of 432 pixels per inch. Some may have been guessing a QHD setup and could be sad at the lower resolution.

The resolution 1080p still looks amazing in terms of picture clarity while being user-friendly to the battery. Colour is brightness and vibrant is amazing, it hands use in direct sunlight pretty well and viewing angles are amazingly wide.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 was a pretty too early to the party to get a next-generation Qualcomm 805 Snapdragon, chip, but instead gets a perfect enough upgrade from the actual Galaxy S4 with 801 Snapdragon.

Software and UI

Android 4.4 KitKat might not be a remarkable leap forward for Google from the previous build, but Samsung has implemented the program amazingly in the Galaxy S5. Partly this is due to the latest TouchWiz UI design. But another important key element is that Samsung has included some amazing Google now and voice control specs previously seen on Google Nexus gadgets. There is also a selection of latest health related specs, but more on that later.

Samsung Galaxy note 5 features


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has the same general spec shape as the Note 4, but the construction of the 2 phones could not be any more different.

At 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6mm, the phone dimensions are certainly larger than Samsung 5.1 inch flagship, but it is exactly a hair smaller and obviously thinner than the Note 4. It is lighter too, at shedding 5g, 171g, even with its glass and metal construction.

Its back grass also curves inward on the left and right sides. This little footprint and curved back made it simpler to grip in palm.


Samsung fit a plus 1GB of Ram in this mobile – meaning it can handle more jobs at once.

Samsung Exynos processor 7420, gathered with 4GB, seems like a solid force, and is a features trend that should nonstop with MWC 2016 release of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Qualcomm releases its 820 Snapdragon processor for the Chinese and American version, while Samsung worked on its own Exynos again the England and everywhere else in the globe.

Internal storage

Local storage, the other kind of memory, is more of a problem for power users, with 64GB and 32GB configurations. You would not find a 128GB Galaxy Note 5.

That is problematic for 3 reasons. Primary, there is no microSD card area, something that an oral part of note fans have turn over out over. Second, new raw image options and returning 4K video gripping settings can eat up area. A 32GB drive is not what it used to be, with 30MB uncompressed images and 2160p video files. Third, real user-accessible storage is 24GB.


In hardware, the some well-known additions return with Galaxy Note 5. One the back of the mobile, right next to the camera package is where the heart rate watch can be found. It jobs about as well as ever, thanks to the streamlined S-Health application, but this is not a spec you will probably use very often.

The gadget packs a quality suite connectivity options, adding NFC, which will be a piece of the upcoming Samsung pay environment system. Phone calls come in clear and loud. It gets quite loud, but without much body in the sound.

Fingerprint reading is a thing of the future, and Samsung makes it job pretty well in the Galaxy Note 5. Setting it up for sign-in web credential it possible, but, for the most part, the initial use of the fingerprint scanner will be to unlock the mobile.


The note 5 retains the standard in the camera department, pretty literally in this case, the camera on the gadget is basically the same with the Galaxy S6, with its 16MP rear shooter with 4k video recording and f/1.9 aperture capabilities, along with a 5MP broad angle lens front-facing camera.

Image standard remains as remarkable as ever, keeping Samsung at the peak of the heap in the Android globe. Best saturation across the board keeps images from ever being dull, and detail is also captured truly well. Users can advantage from the f/1.9 aperture of depth field effects, and it does support a bit in low light conditions. Definitely, images do get the guessed level of noise due to higher ISO compensation, and the application gets a pretty slow when trying to target in low conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy s5 Vs note 5: Physical comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 0.5 mm thinner and 0.5 mm narrower than Samsung Galaxy S5.

Weight is another vital factor especially when making a decision on a mobile. Grip in your hands or carry around for a long time. Galaxy S5 is very light than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which may become a large benefit especially when gripping the phone in your hands for a long time.

Galaxy s5 Vs note 5: Screen Comparison

Display size, standard and resolution are some of the most vital specs to consider when selecting a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Super AMOLED Display 5.7 is slightly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Super AMOLED 5.1 screen.

Besides matching the LCD sizes, another feature that we find helpful to match is the ratio of display area to total area of the Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD wraps 77.06 percent of its area which is very slightly higher than Galaxy S5 69.90%.

Screen size is only single side of the story, resolution is as vital in most cases. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 PPI 518 density is significantly superior than the Samsung Galaxy S5 PPi pixel 32 density.

Galaxy s5 Vs note 5: Software features

Geo tagging, Digital Zoom, self-timer, face detection, touch to focus and raw image capture.

For S5, self-timer, voice activation, face detection, smile detection, touch to focus, digital image stabilization, geo tagging and digital zoom.

Galaxy s5 Vs note 5: Settings

For Note 5, Shutter speed control, white balance presents, ISO control, Exposure compensation.

For S5, Shutter speed control, white balance presents, ISO control and exposure compensation

Lose the plastic, bump the features

The Galaxy S5 looks pretty clearly from a previous generation of Samsung design when you set it alongside a Galaxy Note 5. The perfect plastic edges and thinner home key have not been used since the Galaxy S5 launched, and it is difficult to argue that the latest design on show with the Note 5 is not a better one in general.

The Galaxy S5 has a benefit in sheer grip thanks to its smaller size and softer back, but the metal and glass on the note 5 are much perfect overall – both in feels and looks. Both phones have general basic shape, but it is all about the details here in what makes the Note 5 the monster in the hardware department. Naturally, there is more removable storage and battery on the Note 5, so there is not much to discuss about – you either feel you need it, or in the past eighteen months with your GSS you have don’t.

At the exact time, there is an unsurprising improvement in features when looking at phones released eighteen months apart. Samsung new octa-core Exynos processor is the Note 5 is very fast, and the RAM has doubted to 2 to 4GB. The mobile screen looks just perfect in its own, but the older AMOLED screen at 1080p just does not stand up to the remarkable newer AMOLED at QHD resolution on the newer mobile. The fingerprint scanner, which was introduced primary on the Galaxy S5, has better dramatically to a single-touch on the Note 5 as well.

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