Kodi on PS4

PlayStation is a very strong gaming console throughout the globe. Now, you may think that how would it be possible to install Kodi on gaming gadget? But the PS3 and PS4 also have media support. So, you can view why you are going to talk Kodi on PS4, PS3 download & install.

Kodi for Play Station 4 is one of the few top media players out there in the market. It is also serves the objective of a media streaming application. You can stream online shows, movies, Anime, etc. with the support of Kodi for PS3. There are lots of things that you can do with the application and we will get back to the specs in an upcoming section of this page.

PlayStation is a truly best and arguable among the top for gaming.

What is Kodi

Kodi, the famous program has been specifically designed keeping the fun at homes as focusing factor. This guide is fully focused on how to install Kodi on PS4 and enjoy all the advantages using it.

Actually created by the Xbox Media center belonging to the Microsoft, it has been developed as a community gradually with the status that has been gained. Unlike Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is managed by the same organisation but is continually upgraded by many coders around the globe. Since 2003, Kodi has been modified at least five hundred developers and around three hundred translators.

Designed to operate on home servers that are linked to a TV displays, it can show the content at your home, totally for free. It provides the users, a capability to stream the content at house. Unlike other streamers, it is not curated application store which is why it lets you download everything and anything. The users and download on Kodi various consoles and play photos, videos and podcasts without any difficulty.

On the other hand, the PS, is one of the most used consoles in the globe providing a strong competition to the Xbox consoles. Just like Xbox, it has been releasing different editions ever since, and the new PS4 console is much developed edition where users can stream the content to the gadget apart from playing games on it. Therefore, today we are going to view how to install Kodi on PS4 with an ease.

How to install Kodi on PS4

Installing Kodi on PS4 sound amazing, but it is not yet easy. While Kodi is a remarkable media center, it has not been made accessible to be download on PS versions yet, and the developers are still working on how to create it compatible with PS gadgets.

Anyway, there is nothing to hesitate if you are looking forward to streaming the content on your PS4 display. There is a larger substitute with the same functionality that supports you in streaming the content to PS4 console, and it is called as Plex. Though it is not as famous as Kodi, it has got the same set of specs and workability as the former making it reliable.

Install Kodi on PS4

  • To install the Plex on your PS4, begin with opening the PS Store on the console.
  • Your PS4 gadget, begin with opening the PS store on the console.
  • Here you will find a section known as “Apps”. Pick it to enter the section. The menu shows various categories. From there, enter the famous section after clicking it.
  • Making sure that you are linked to the internet, scroll down the list of applications until you find the Plex icon. You need to be tolerant in finding it as it might be down below.
  • Click on the application and find the “Download” option. Click on the download key and wait for the application to be installed.
  • Once the application is installed, click start on the application to begin it. By doing this, your application will be opened from the home display.
  • Make an account by entering the credentials on the Plex account after register in to your PS4 console with your PS details.
  • A code will then emerge on the display asking you to go https://plex.tv/link. Click on it and done the signing in after confirming the account with the code on Television screen.
  • You will then get an “App linked” verified message on the display. Anyway, the application might show an error alert presenting that you are linked to the server.
  • Take your mobile and install Plex on it from the Play Store and register in it using the same credentials you have provided above.
  • Go to the settings and then right to use the “system” to permit “Network discovery”.
  • Camera Roll Media and market as server from there, in case if both the Android gadget and PS4 are linked to the same network, you can now access the media from the mobile to the PS4 gadget by picking the Android gadget on the right side of the plex.

Having said that, you can now stream the content across the website directly to your PS4 gadget without any problem, even though Kodi is much well-known and has many other add-ons that make it more costly, Plex on PS4 is equally amazing. It is just time before the developers around the globe will come up with Kodi on PS4 and till then one can stream the content on the website to their PS4 display using the Plex Android application.

Kodi vs Plex


Plex and Kodi provide stream, but how they do it is largely different – and that can sometimes have an effect on performance. Plex stores all your files on a server and move them at the same place, before sending them to the gadget you want to watch on. The bulk of the heavy lifting is done by a big personal computer, and that means Plex takes up less area and resources on your gadgets, and can often have perfect HD streams.

In contrast, Kodi stores the files domestically and does of the job on the gadget on which you are watching. That means little products such as the Chromecast, Android Phones and FireStick TV may have struggle.

Platform compatibility

Both media streams job on pretty much everything, so possibilities are your gadgets will job with Plex or Kodi open source nature means there is a way of uploading the program on most gadgets,  but Plex has remarkable compatibility too. Actually, there is version of Plex for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, something not presently offered by Kodi.


Navigation is one of the most vital aspects of a media streamer, and both Plex and Kodi deliver in this respect. Kodi uses a clearly show that translates well on larger displays, so it is simple to fly through means on any gadget, but Plex has the quicker, neater and perfect interface. That being said, Kodi does provide a range of Customisation options that make it easy to change the UI on a whim.


If you are going to be using streaming program an amazing deal, you will want to have it set up just as love it and that means you will want to customise it. For the reason that it provides open-source instruments, almost every aspect of Kodi is customisable. In contrast, Plex provides significantly less csutomisation.

Kodi is best in its actual form, but it excels when customised. Whether you want to include extensions, replace the skin or include a new source, you can do it with Kodi. Anyway, it is vital to note that this plus customisation comes with raised difficulty, so if you don’t fancy thinkering with menus, Plex is definitely a perfect choice.


Add-ons are the top way to customise or change your streaming solutions, and kodi has loads. If you would like to stream more than just your own content, Kodi lets you download extensions that rightly scrape the web for the top streams. Plex also provides add-ons, but calls them channels. Anyway, they are not on anything like the scale of the Kodi extensions.

Database locations

A primary comparison in Kodi vs Plex is the place of the database where all of your media metadata is saved. Plex stores the metadata on central server using the Plex Media Server. This server program streams your media database to a range of client gadgets. These clients’ gadgets run a copy of the Plex clinet program and have access to the media as well as all the images and metadata.

These are several advantages to having database saved on the server in a central place. First, if you have multiple gadgets, you only have to maintain one database rather than a database for every gadget. Second, since the data is all saved in central place, plex can keep track of the watched status and resume places of all of your shows and movies. If you watch an episodes on the client gadget in your family room, you can pause and resume right from the where you left off in a different room on a different customer gadget.


Part of the reason Plex is capable to support a big number of clients gadgets is because the Plex Media Server does the strongly lifting for any lowered gadget which would be unable to handle big video files. Plex will use the hardware servers and resources to transcode the video, on the fly, into a format the focus client gadget can handle.

Both streamers provide some truly helpful specs. But they are so eventually match it comes down to personal favor. Anyway, the way to match them is to use the ongoing debate between iOS and Android. If you like to tinker and have control of every aspect your program, Android is remarkable, but if you favor something that is difficult to break and even simple to use, iOS is the system for you.

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