In the developing world of technologies, we are facing both the merits and the demerits of the tech nowadays. As the advancement is increasing in tech for the betterment of lives, it’s sad to say that the same thing, the internet is being used as a weapon for us in our parallel world. It has become so easy for one to breach ones social media account. As one upload and updates his social media activities, it’s easy for one to rob all the information about an individual from these ventures.

But the central question arises how to keep these cloud storage secure? These all information on the internet get stored in cloud storage. Cloud storage is a computing model in which your data is stored on remote servers which runs on the web or ‘cloud.’ As simple it may sound, it’s easy to break and toughest to at the same time. It is all dependent on the security of your cloud storage, whether it has a two end encryption or pin facility, etc.

The revolution of cloud storage has given as ample of advantages, such as no need to keep every single document regarding your house, assets, children’s reports, insurances, etc. everything can be stored in the vault. Never the less, the smartphones also use these cloud storage as their backup storage devices. We can save our media on cloud storage too to keep it safe and sound the companies provide as a login password entry, or we can install a fingerprint lock also, for better security of your storage. The size of the cloud storage starts from 5 GB which is for free, and if we need ample space, we can purchase it too. The plan starts from 20 GB for $4 per month. But the central question arises, are these cloud storage safe?

Most of the cloud storage companies offer the following type of securities in their vaults. But vaults like Wuala from Mr. Istvan Lam and FutureVault from Mr. G Scott Paterson Toronto provides very tight security to their vaults. These service provider of cloud storage differs from the mainstream cloud storage devices as it allows for its services in two ways. First is the Client-side encryption of files and the second one is the Zero-knowledge password policy. This the most amazing thing which I saw on this cloud storage. The data which you want to store in the cloud are beforehand encrypted locally on your devices before being transferred to the cloud storage.

This ensures us if there happens a data leak, the data is already in encrypted manner no one is able to read it. This gives the reliability to the user that he’s the only one who can access his data. Now, in Zero-knowledge password you are the only one having the knowledge of your own password. The companies of the cloud storage are not given the access to know your passwords too. This level of security offered by the cloud storage companies is assumed to be the highest of all.

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