iOS 11 problems: how to fix them

A lot of iOS 11 issues have been addressed in the new iOS 11.1 update, but Apple program still is not a remarkable. At least not for every person.

From problems getting the latest iOS 11 Update downloaded and installed on your gadget and issues the new OS seems to have caused for your gadget to things just not being silent how you want them, we will take a fast glance at all the issues with iOS 11 and what you can do try getting past them.

Some applications are gone or not working rightly

If you have been using some old applications from mobile to mobile for a while now without improving them, they may job well with iOS 11. If they are old enough, or still 32-Bit, they would not be compatible with iOS 11.

The home key is slow to wake up the gadget

Different Apple users have posted that, after updating their old iOS to iOS 11, their lock display freezes for around ten seconds, appearing to stall out or gradually load up before letting them use their gadget. Nothing could be more boring  than waiting for around ten seconds just to check an alerts now and then. This is the kind of issue that may make your mind up itself over time, as the new OS gets well-known with your files and gadgets. But if persists more than a week, it will likely be value restoring a backup of your phone and waiting for Apple to issue a solution for this.

Your iPhone rapidly filling up its storage

One user has reported the iOS 11 update start to slowly increase the system storage on their gadget until the gadget was almost full. The issue does not appear to be attached to specific applications, but rather just the storage that the system itself takes up. This is a problem that cropped up even in the Beta for iOS 11. Unluckily,  there is no clear resolution for this problem at present, and you may want to revert your backup and wait for iOS 11.1 if your experience this problem.

Power key is not working

If something goes bad with the update and your power key prevents working, you can shut your gadget down in the menus. To perform this, go to Setting>General, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, where will view a “Shut down” option that will provide you a slider on display to turn your gadget off. This is especially handy if you are trying to restart or shut down the phone because something else is going bad, such as overheating.

Control center is not how you want it

Control Center is Apple handy and latest way of controlling many aspects of your gadget, whether that disconnecting from Wi-Fi or fast switching songs. You may have heard all about that Control Center can perform just to find that it does not have all those specs right there and ready for you when you install iOS 11. Luckily, this is a simple fix, as you can customize the iOS 11 Control Center by going to settings> Control Center> Customize controls.

The fresh dock at the bottom of your iPad keeps disappearing

If you only got iOS 11 feature in your iPad, you might be enjoying the fresh Dock at the bottom of your display that keeps your favorite applications and tools handy. It is just like the Dock in Mac Operating system. Anyway, you may find it frequently or occasionally disappearing on you. Do not hesitate, it is supposed to do that. To bring it back, all you have to perform is swipe up at the base of the screen where it covers when not in use.

Messages not back up to iCloud

If you have been looking out for the chill new specs coming with iOS 11, you possibly realized that Apple decided to create it extremely simple to Messages backup in iCloud. Messages would even by synced across gadgets, so you would not have to remove a conversation thread on every single one of your Apple gadgets. Unluckily, if you are having issue finding that specs, it is because it is not there yet. Apple has this spec planned for iOS 11, but it will be coming in a later iteration of the OS.

Cannot use Animoji

Unluckily, no one can use Animoji at present time. There is no fix for this at the moment. The fresh animated emoji that permits you to have an emoji mimic the expressions and movements of your face trusts on Apple facial recognition technology, and that is just accessible on iPhone X. if you greatly you want to use Animoji, the just fix is to get an iPhone X, but it is not accessible until November.

Someone is taking images of you during FaceTime calls

This issue may be a bit of an outlier, but iOS 11 provides users the choice to permit special screenshots within FaceTime calls knowna as FaceTime Live photos. These images are perfect images of the person on the other and without the on-display interface. If someone you often FaceTime is being a pest and capturing loads of these Live images of you, you can reject the spec by going to Settings> FaceTime and stop FaceTime Live images. The other person will still be capable to take normal screenshots though.

You cannot get iOS 11

While iOS 11 is accessible for a lot of gadgets, Apple has not made the brand new OS accessible for all its past iPads and iPhones. You can check for all the specific iOS 11 compatibility list, but the easy answer is that you need a gadget at least as new as iPhone SE or iPhone 6, the sixth generation touch, an iPad Pro, or an iPad Air, or iPad Mini 2. Older Apple gadgets are not supported for iOS 11, so the just fix here is to grab a new one.

Cannot link a Wi-Fi network

One user has reported that their iPhone no longer permits them to join their personal Wi-Fi network, and they probably would not be alone in this.

Some amazing steps to try resolving this problem would be to rest your phone, reset the Wi-Fi device (even if other gadgets are clearly linked to the internet through it) or forget the Wi-Fi network on your gadget and rejoin.

You can also try to reset the network settings of your gadget by going to Setting> General> Reset> Network Setting Reset – do not hesitate, this fix should not erase anything on your mobile.

Bad battery life with iOS 11

It seems that every fresh  edition of iOS always comes with a full host of complaints that older mobiles have their battery life harshly impacted. If your battery is drying early and it is not simply because you are spending more time playing with all the fresh specs and learning all the latest iOS 11 tricks, there are a lots of things that could be at the root of it.

Older applications may not be playing perfect with iOS 11. You can check to view if that is the case by going into Settings>Battery and seeing which applications are using the most battery. If any applications that you almost not use are draining it like mad, you might want to stop them until they obtain more iOS 11 friendly updates.

It may also just be that it takes a pretty time for iOS 11 to get comfy with your gadget. This process could take a few days. In the meantime, you can turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth when you are not using them. You should lower the brightness of your display and disable applications in the background.

Your gadget is overheating

There are lots of reasons on phone can overheat and complaints seems to crop up around latest software updates. Maybe it is iOS 11 error, maybe it just that your phone is working difficult. In any case, you can temporarily address the overheating by turning the mobile off, keeping it out the sunlight or other warm sources and exposing a much surface place as possible to the air. It is value noting that charging your gadget would not support cool it down any, so wait until it is chill to plug it back in.

If your habits have not change and your gadget is constantly overheating when it did not generally before, it may be occasion for you to consider saving an earlier backup of your gadget. A little battery life may be irritating, but overheating can badly damage your gadget, and iTunes would not restore a fried central processing unit.

Control Center pop up while playing games

Apple made sure you could simply access it simply by swiping up from the bottom of your gadget screen. Unluckily,  this can mean you accidently swipe it onto the display when you are in the middle of using an application or playing a game. You can disable this access technique while in other applications by going to Settings>Control Center and disable the capability to access it within applications.

It is going crazy with your picture formats

iOS 11 signals Apple promise to a newer picture format: HEIC. This fresh file type compresses pictures more than JPEG, so your pictures would not take up as much area on your gadget. But not every gadget out there supports HEIC, and Apple knows this. To make it simpler for Apple users to share their images with others, iOS may change them to JPEG when they are sent, or even if they are being online uploaded. If this frequent file-kind swapping is a nuisance, you can stop it by either by preventing the conversion from HEIC to JPEG, or by having your gadget take images as JPEG files instead.

Cannot make Apple pay payments to friends

This is another case of an iOS 11 spec that is not coming with the OS at launch. If you are trying to make direct payment to friends using Apple Pay, you are going to be sad. While you can presently use a load of other applications to accomplish this, you will have to wait for a future updates of iOS 11, before the feature is accessible via Apple Pay.

Your phone would not begin at all after the update

In a bad case scenario, an error while your table or phone is updating to iOS 11 could successfully brick it, meaning it would not begin up. Fewer things more scary can occur to a device bundled with videos and images and memories. But, if you have been listening perfectly, you have already made a backup of your phone. You should be capable to use this to restore your phone to its state before you tried installing the update, or whichever begin it was in when you created the backup.

The update just does not begin

If you have a gadget compatible with iOS 11 but for some reason cannot get the fresh OS to download, there are a few possible descriptions. If you don’t have area for the new operating system to download onto your mobile, you may need to free up a couple gigabytes of space on your mobile before you can download and begin the update. You can also plug your phone into your PC and download and install the update iOS 11 via iTunes.

Your mobile may just not be responding to your command to download iOS 11. If that is the issue, you can restart the mobile or try force closing the setting application. To perform this, go to the application switching screen on your iPad or iPhone, find the setting application, and swipe up.

Siri sound different

iOS 11 has come along with improvements to the mode Siri speaks, creating her sound more perfect and less worse. This will confidently be nothing but an improvement, and if you don’t like it, there is not much you can perform besides sticking with the old iOS. On the other way, if Siri now has a man voice, it may be you did not realize this has been an choice in iOS for some time. If any other person was playing around in your mobile and switch Siri voice, you should simply be capable to go back into your device settings and start Siri to have any voice you are using before.


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