How to view private Instagram

I will help you how to view private Instagram today. As the time is passing, social media is progressing well in the field of communication. But the most common are privacy issue. Millions of the people are using the apps for communication like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, each is common among the people of all ages. Likewise Instagram is becoming popular among the users. But mostly the people don’t want to share their personal data like pictures, and posts with public and they secure their Instagram profiles with the privacy. But if you really desire to check the profile of your close acquaintances that have secured their ID’s and don’t know how to view private Instagram, I am here to help you out. You simply have to follow my simple and easy instructions!

Four things of How to View Private Instagram

Solution 1: Ask the Friend Personally

To be sincere with you I will firstly suggest you to ask your friend or relative personally about their Instagram account. If they agree with you and confess about their private Instagram, this is more than better. But some of the people still hide their ID’s from other, I have many more different methods for you that how to view private Instagram. But frankly speaking, this is more common in girls as they are more conscious about themselves.

Anyhow still this method is more preferable. Be genuine in your discussion and ask him/her about the account in a way that you need it desperately. You can also text that person in a decent and attractive manner, so that he/she will feel reliable upon you. You can also use the communication tactics to make your point lucid and genuine.

Solution 2: Create an ID with Different Name

You can also check that person by making a ID with different name so that the person cannot guess who is on other side. This will make you sure that weather that person is ignoring you or he/she don’t want to talk any stranger. Although it is ethically wrong but you have to lose something in order to gain something. I don’t personally like this but if there is the question for your love you have to go through it.

It is usually preferred to create a fake account with female name and attracting female’s profile picture. It is recommended so because the female accounts are usually attracting. After you have done with it send a request to the desired person and wait for the approval. But still! if you don’t get the request accepted, text that person in a decent manner. If this plan does not work I have another plan for you that how to view private Instagram.

Solution 3: Try online Tools to View Profile

Software engineers are working day and night to make your life better, so you shouldn’t we take benefit from it? What do you think? So try some pre-developed tools online to view your desired private profile. But one of the threats from such step the people face is that they get their personal data leaked. So I will say to do it at your own risk! There are many tools available online for viewing private profile on Instagram.

You have to follow simple steps after going a link, it will require the user name you want to view. But to get the task done it will ask you some personal type of question that is not preferred to answer. These sites and apps can never be installed, you always have to go with online process to do it. You can go to these websites:

Solution 4: Hack the Account

If none of the above methods are working, than you can go through this method if you really need the account in emergency. This method is really ethically wrong but it is least recommended too. There are many tools available online to hack Instagram account but the best I would prefer to you with unique features is instalooker


All the above methods are most commonly recommended to view Instagram profiles. The most suitable and preferable method is the first one as it is ethically right. The other methods are useful too but this is somehow wrong to play with the feelings of others. Now it is your choice to choose the most suitable method among these.