How to Use Theater Mode in Apple Watch

The Apple watch has many features for different peoples. It jobs as a workout tracker and a timepiece, and for controlling podcast and music apps. But sometimes you just want the Apple watch to prevent lighting up every three seconds. To me, this occurs a lot either when I am watching a film or playing a card game. Luckily, Apple has launched a spec in WatchOS 3.2 just to take care of this – known as Theater Mode.

Note: Your Apple watch requires to be running WatchOS 3.2 to use this spec. Open the Watch application on the iPhone, go to General> Software Update to update to the new WatchOS program.

What is theater mode?

Theater mode puts your Apple watch is quiet mode and stops the Wake display on wrist raise spec. what this means is that the Apple display would not light up every time you travel your hand around strictly. You would not get alert as well. You will still get alerts for which you will obtain haptic feedback but the display would not light up.

Just tap on the display and it will come on, and you will be capable to view the alert.

How to use theater mode

Theater mode exists in control center. Steal up from the watch face and you will view new icon that presents 2 greek theater masks. Tap on it and you will get a fresh screen. Here you will view a clarification of what Theater type does.

In the control center you will now view that the icon has a yellow backdrop. Even on the watch face you will view a yellow mask sign at the peak to indicate that Theater Mode is already working. Tap the site key or the crown to get up the display.

To stop theater feature go again to the manage center and hit the theater mode icon.

If you already have Apple Watch you truly should upgrade to WatchOS 3 and begin using applications that support watchOS3 and the latest spec like the Doc. The applications are now truly snappy enough to be helpful.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, this is a best time to get begun. The series 2 model has a dual-core processor, an amazing life and is water resistant. If you are trying to lose weight and live a fit life, Apple Watch can job as a helpful fitness tracker, along with a helpful timepiece.

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