How to stop Autoplaying videos on Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome

Autoplaying videos follow every user around the online world these days. In the history, these worked to be Flash videos and could just be stopped by only stopping flash on your web browser. Anyway, as the internet has moved to remarkable technologies such as videos HTML5, so have autoplaying videos.

Mostly, these autoplaying videos aim to be nothing more than irritating news bulletins you don’t need, or bad ads. There is a simple way to block these on every personal computer browser, just follow the steps below.


Follow these steps to stop autoplaying videos on Opera

  1. These extension stop HTML5 Autoplay is accessible for Opera too. Start Opera and install it from the attached page by pushing on include to Opera.
  2. Now you will see that videos don’t autoplay anymore.

Google Chrome

It is simple to stop autoplaying videos on Google Chrome. Here is how it is done.

  1. Start Google chrome browser and install the put out of action HTML5 Autoplay extension by starting the attached page and clicking include to chrome.
  2. Now open any site such as YouTube and you will see that videos don’t autoplay anymore.


You don’t need a browser extension to stop autoplaying videos on Firefox. These steps will perform that for you.

  1. Start Firefox
  2. Type about:congin in the address bar. Click Enter
  3. Click I admit the risk
  4. Type mdia.autoplay.enabled in the search bar
  5. Twin-click media.autoplay.enabled that the worth changes to false
  6. This will prevent videos from Firefox autoplaying

By using these steps, you can prevent stop videos from autoplaying no issue which browser you are using on both Mac PCs and windows. The videos can still be pushed on to play, if you want but you are going to have video playing loudly and unexpectedly anymore.

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