How to Search for Google Places on Your Route

Google Maps is the go-to- application for most of us when we are searching for directions, and the application can also be helpful for searches such as finding a cab. That is not the single thing you can do with the app through – for example, you could write in “restaurants” to view a view of all the restaurants in the map area you are looking at. That is quite basic tip though, but Google Maps has another spec that can be a lot more helpful – finding things that are on your way. The spec has been around for high time, but we came across a lot of users who did not know how to use it. If that contains you, here is a fast and simple guide to getting it to work.

The best news is that this jobs in the same way whether you are searching on your iOS or Android gadget, or looking at the map on the Web on your personal computer. This is what you have to perform.

  1. Step one is to release Google Maps application, or point your browser to
  2. Search for your place.
  3. Click or tap on the direction key to produce the route
  4. On your mobile, tap the 3 dots menu key and then tap on Add stop. On a PC, click on the + Sign on the left, under the places.
  5. Click or tap and drag the included stop up to the center of the route
  6. Now, search for whatever you need to include. For instance, type in “petrol pump” and then search if you need to pack your vehicle.
  7. You will be shown advises of different locations that match your search and you can include any of these to your route.
  8. Click on the further place on the personal computer. On your mobile tap, on it to view a description and tap the white place icon to include that to the route.

That is it, you are done, you will be provide a substitute route which contains a little bypass to find close by locations that can be used to mark a restaurant on your way home,  look for an ATM at the same time as you are on your route to the mall.

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