Google provides one of the top word processors in the market with its Docs application. It is mobile-friendly, built into the cloud and comes with packed with best collaboration specs. But like most things, it can also be tricky, infuriating to use and sometimes limited.

To make your full editing experience a big better, we provide some tips on how to get the most from Google Docs.

Claim more real estate

To provide you more area onscreen, go to view, compact control from inside a document. This specs decreases the menu-bar size for drawings, text documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

 Google Docs tips everyone should know

Bear in mind that you must set this liking for every separate document type. So if you set compact controls in text documents, for example, your spreadsheets will not use the layout until you also place it in the spreadsheet editor.

If you want even more area, try viewing your documents in complete screen. This setting does not spread into your full display size, but it does not take over your full browser tab and hide all of your Google docs toolbars and menus.

View plain text files

If you favor to use simple desktop text editors such as Notepad, Gedit, Emacs, or Vim, you may find that files made in those applications would not show in Google Documents.

Before you upload a simple text files to Google Docs, right-click the file and pick rename, and then add the .txt filename extension to the finish. Now, you will have no issue reading your document in Google Docs.

Tag someone in a comment

If you are collaborating with lots of people on Google document, you can make a comment on the document and tag a certain person. This will mean that they will get an email alert and they can respond from there.

Tag someone in a comment

Go to comments, then put an + symbol write email address and include your comment.

How to put a border in Google docs

If you use Google Docs to make presentations, documents and drawings you may have searched in vain for an “Add Border” key. One does not exist, but a “Shape”  key does. By placing a transparent rectangular over image you can produce a colorful border that looks like you made it using an image-editing software.

  • Visit your Google Documents page for how to put a border in Google docs and open a presentation or drawing that has an image. Click “insert” and then click “shape” to see a menu that have shape names.
  • Click the shapes menu item and pick the Rectangular shape. Your pointer changes into a cross.
  • Click a place near the pictures upper left edge, force your left mouse key and drag the pointer down towards the right to draw a rectangular around the picture. This rectangular has a default fill color that obscures your image.
  • Click the shape to pick it and then click the “Fill Color” key on the toolbar for how to put a border in Google docs. Click “transparent” to remove the rectangular fill color. You will now view a border around the image.
  • Click the border and press your arrows buttons if you need to make perfect adjustments to its image. Position the border so that image fits evenly on all 4 sides within the border. If the border is too small or big, click on its handles and drag it to resize the border.

Tip for How to put a border in Google docs

Replace a border width and style of line by clicking the border and then clicking format to view a menu that have formatting options. Click “line weight” and pick a line weight to change the borders width. Click “line Dash” and pick a new line style to replace the borders like style. Click the toolbars “line color and select a fresh color if you want to replace the borders color for how to put a border in Google docs.

You cannot insert a shape into Google documents file that has a document type. These files are similar to MS Word documents. Anyway, you can click “insert” and pick “drawings” to include a drawing to a Google documents. If you need to include an image with a border to a Google document, make a drawing first. You can then include your image to that drawing, place a border around the image and insert the drawing into your document.

Turn off notifications

To prevent email alert, open the criminal document, click the comments drop-down menu at the screen upper right side, and select alert settings.

How to put a border in Google docs

In the pop-up window, select do not send me any email alerts for this doc (not advised). If an international opt-out is too extreme for you several filters are accessible. You could, for example, pick to be notified when you are linked in a comment, or when someone replies to something you commented on. Once you want, click ok.

Find out who changed an item

Google Docs permits you to view who made which changes on any collaborative document, with as much or as pretty detail as you want.

To get begun, click file, view revision history. A sidebar will open on the right side, feature all of the new document changes.  Every user who edited the document emerges in the sidebar, with a corresponding color.

Find out who changed an item

Chances from different editors are showed in their assigned color. If you want to view further detail, such by cell-by-cell changes in a spreadsheet, click the present more detailed revisions keys at the foot of the sidebar. To restore your document to a previous edition,  find the edition you want in the history and then click restore this revision under the editors title. If you want to view document revisions without the highlighting color, uncheck the present changes box at the sidebar foot. To exit the history revision without making any changes, click the X at the sidebar top.

Quickly insert images

Quickly insert images

In Google docs you can insert almost any picture into a new text document just by dragging and dropping the file from your desktop into your document (as long as you are using a recent version of a big browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

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