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Do you ever feel useless? Well, sometimes I do. What If I told you that you can make your time useful even without doing anything daily? You just have to build up a base where your followers or fans will subscribe to your content right away.

connect pal

Let me begin from the scratch. Often times I come across many students who run out of cash frequently and are in need of money. And even some housewives, bachelors, and other unemployed youth complain of not getting enough income to meet their expenses. Truly in this competitive world, it is hard to manage expenses which are increasing day by day.

So without any further delay in time, we present you with the new idea where we bring to you some of the upcoming platforms where you can easily monetize your vast reach. Let me introduce you ConnectPal where you can easily convert your high following public to take a monthly subscription for your content and then monetize it by locking the content.

What is ConnectPal?

As mentioned in above paragraph ConnectPal is a platform where the users who enroll in it are given a free account where they can upload their articles, images, posts or any other content and ask their users to subscribe to their content on monthly basis to have access. Of course, the membership for the articles or content is based on the type of subscription, but there will be a certain number of articles or things that free. A certain amount of content is given for free and later on, they will be locked for further use. This way you can easily monetize your content on basis of your fan following or followers.

How does this ConnectPal Work?

Alright, it’s time to tighten your seat belts. When this platform was introduced by the Founder Andy Dean, it was assumed that it might take several years to make this idea into a reality. But fortunately for the brave attitude of the founder to take risks, this feat was achieved in less than the expected time frame. Let me put it this way, imagine that you are using any other social media platform to make a change in society or express your unique ideas in front of the people, this way people will definitely become fond of you and will like to be subscribed to your channel/page. Now the main thing, you now make your content and post it in ConnectPal and ask your social media followers to go to your new address and subscribe to the content on monthly basis and monetize it.

connect pal

Is ConnectPal Legit? If YES, then what is the Subscription?

I do feel this question a bit redundant because this is not the thing, of which everyone will have knowledge of. So YES, this is legit and this is absolutely safe. Now about the signup, ConnectPal never charges you for their service (It is absolutely free) and the subscribers who subscribe to their profiles will be charged 5$ for monthly subscriptions.

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