Control Piracy

Piracy in all the fields are affecting everyone. It is an illegal and immoral act, the piracy usually affects the economy too. All the industries be it software, writers, movie makers, soundcreators have to face piracy frequently and they are actually struggling hard to get rid of it. Many industries are taking regular steps to curb but it is usually in vain.

Nowadays online piracy is becoming a huge business. In fact, they are several websites which are running specifically to showcase pirated version of the movie, sound files, write-ups, software. This market is estimated to be in billions. The pirates usually robsand get access to the original version of products and services, they are creating multiple copies of it and are selling it across the world for a very small amount. The sad reality is, the creators usually suffer because they have invested a huge amount of time, money and resources to get the final product and services done.

Control Piracy

Why Is Piracy Bad?

Piracy is the worst thing which could happen to all the creators, almost all the creators work day and night to create a content and share with their audience across the globe, among them few black sheep misuses it and create multiple copies of it. When the pirated version of the content is available at low cost, people usually opt for it. Eventually, the creator who has spent a huge amount don’t get the due credit and not the money which they have invested can be claimed back. In addition to it, the audience who are buying the pirated version for a lesser amount also suffers in terms of quality. They definitely won’t get a high-class content in case of pirate version. This is why it is must for the audience also to say no to piracy.

The problem is the villains who create and distribute the pirated version are often far away and cannot be reached easily. The bad apples are usually difficult to be found and they are usually lost in the sea of internet and websites. The pirates can easily change the name of the website and display the pirated content without giving due credit to the users.

Control Piracy

Ways To Control Piracy:

The government is also doing their best to nab the pirates and protect the originality of all data like movies, albums, software, text, photo etc. The firm connect pal has come up with an excellent content monetization model which allow the creator to share all their high-quality content without being worried about the piracy. The content can easily reach a huge number of the organic audience without paying any money. The audience who are looking forward to getting access to the data needs to pay a nominal amount of access fee. The interface of connectpal is very user-friendly and it is very easy for all the bloggers, vloggers, authors, artists to share their created content with the audience. The best part is, each and every data remains safe from piracy, and the creator need not worry about losing the originality.



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