LG g5 vs Samsung galaxy s6

Technology has gripped the world and day by day we are experiencing different kinds of technology that is making our life easier and faster. Those were the days when we used to use lane line numbers instead of a Smartphone and this was the only option to contact with anyone. Now the technology has grown up and you can find various types of Smartphone around you. Day by day, the technology in Smartphone is improving and launching fewer features and functions, that previous version does not contain. The competition and new features war are going on between lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6.

When you purchase a Smartphone today and after a few days you see the new versions of the same mobile with more features and function that can make your life easier. Frequently, you find the need to change the mobile due to the improvement in the technology. There are many brands and Smartphone available, but not all the phones contain all the features and functions that can entertain you. Here are the few features that you should find in a perfect phone for durability and performance.

Screen size

The screen size is the main problem due to which you have to change the phone. It becomes easier for the user to hold the larger sizes with the slim style of the mobile and it increases the visibility of the features. It also fits easily in your pocket. As per the current trend, the big size screen would be more useful for a person. LG G5 contains the large screen which is around 5.3 inches and while Samsung galaxy s6 contains the screen size of 5.1 Inches.

LG g5 vs Samsung galaxy s6

If you buy the big screen mobile, it would improve benefits like reading books easily, watching videos clearly, and doing multitasking, which is not possible in small screen size.

LG g5 vs Samsung galaxy s6


People exchange or replace the Smartphone due to low camera quality. In the older version of the phone, you will find very cheap quality camera, which does not take high-quality pictures. However, now you can find more than 16 MP cameras in the Smartphone that takes the pictures compared to a DSLR camera.

In the new model of LG G5, the camera is around 16 MP which would take very high-quality pictures even in the night. While Samsung Galaxy S6 also contains 16 MP camera back camera with a flashlight for night pictures and 8 MP front camera.

LG g5 vs Samsung galaxy s6 camera

The benefits of buying a high megapixel camera are that you do not need to hire a photographer for taking pictures on an event; you can take all the pictures by your phone by using selfie stick or drone for better angels. You can easily print these pictures with high resolution.

LG g5 vs Samsung galaxy s6 2

Battery life

It is one of the common problems in all the Smartphone that it sucks a lot of battery when you use 3G or 4G and even every after 24 hours you have to charge the mobile around 2 hours for reusing. It is most painful things for Smartphone users. The battery life of the phone should increase till two days battery timing. Even, if you watch any 3-hour film or use 4G in the mobile, it would reduce battery more frequently. Due to such problems, the purpose of using a Smartphone dies. As per the news the news, the new versions of Smartphone have removed this problem from phones and increased battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 provides none removable battery that would be inside the phone. It would allow you 17-hour battery timing by using 3G continuously and 49 hours if you play music continuously. LG G5 contains a non-removable battery and it has long duration battery timing. You can use 20 hours while using 3G and talking on the phone continuously and 400-hour standby on 3G. It has more life than Samsung.

The benefits of using long battery timing phone are that you do not face any kind of problem in the communication with anyone. You understand when will battery dead and you manage to plug-in accordingly for recharge.

Configuration of lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6

If you use a low configuration Smartphone then you would find difficulty in the processing for using different features of the phone. For example, if you want to run an application on your phone, then the phone will take a few minutes to open and it would give you a low performance while using the features of the application. The high configuration mobile always gives a quality performance and process each of the action rapidly.

You must purchase high configuration Smartphone which could storage high amount of data. The RAM of the phone should be around 3 or 4 GB so that it would process every action you perform on the phone rapidly and does not take a time to operate any of the application.

If you do comparison between lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6 regarding configuration then you will see LG G5 contains the 4 GB RAM, which is the highest RAM in any Smartphone which process every request of action in seconds. It contains 32 GB internal memory, which is enough for storing the data, and further you can insert the external SD card up to 256 GB. Even, it provides you the ability to use dual SIM at a time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 contain 3 GB RAM and provide storage of 32/64/128 GB depending upon the version. Further, you cannot insert any of the SD cards for extra memory and it does not allow you to use dual SIM.

With the help of high-performance mobile, you can use multiple applications that would make your work faster and easier and high storage facility would reduce the need for any USD or extra drive for carrying data from one place to another place.

Extra features

The new version of the best phone should contain extra features which none of any other phone contains. For example, it should allow you to use voice control lock through which you can lock and unlock the phone. It should have High motion sensor through which you can run Smartphone with your eyes movements and open function of the mobile. The voice control features would allow you to run Smartphone by commanding by our voice. These are the unique features which probably few of the companies has launched these features.

Samsung Galaxy S6 allows you to use Fingerprint sensor through which you can lock the mobile and unlock is by pressing the same figure, further, you can find features like, document editor, video/photo editor, MP3, MP4 players and S-voice natural language commands and dictation.

LG G5 also allow to use a fingerprint sensor for locking and unlocking the mobile and you can also experience features like HTML5 browser, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, and color spectrum.

Operating systems of lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6   

The operating system of the Android Best phones should upgrade because there are many applications, which does not work with an older version of the android. The operating system is the main resource for running any features and application in the Smartphone. Android has introduced almost 14 version of the operating system and currently, the latest version is Nougat, which was launched on 22-Aug-2016.

LG G5 contains Marshmallow 6.0.1 version of Android, but it can upgrade to 7.0 Nougat, the mobile hardware has designed to be compatible with the new version of Android without any problem.

Samsung galaxy S6 contain lollipop 5.0.2 version of android, which is older than Marshmallow, but it can upgrade to 7.0 Nougat. The hardware of the Samsun Galaxy S6 is compatible with newer versions of the android and you can easily upgrade the operating system of the Smartphone.

These are the main features and functions that you should consider before selecting any of the Smartphone. The comparison between lg g5 vs samsung galaxy s6 would let you know that how much difference you can find in the technology of different brands mobile phones. You cannot find the same technology in all the brands. Even the versions of the operating system are different in the phones. In most of the brands Smartphone, you cannot upgrade the operating system to a newer version of the android because the hardware of the phone does not support newer version of the android.

You must consider long LCD Smartphone because of the wide display that would make easier for a person to watch clearly, who has low eye vision. In some of the Best phones, you will find loud sound and some of the phones contain low sound which bothers a person because everyone does not prefer to hear the song by connect hand free. They love to hear a song on the loudspeaker and prefer to buy loud sound speaker mobile phone. The benefit of buying loud sound speaker is that you can hear the sound of a call in a noisy environment and will not miss any of the calls. Might be in the future, you will find the unique features that are going to be introduced soon. As we have seen, many technologies have accumulated with Smartphone and more things are going to introduce as a mobile feature.

Comparison Video between LG g5 vs Samsung galaxy s6

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