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Cameron Chell is the CEO of Business Instincts Group and service firm whose main focus is building high-tech and advanced startups. Cameron’s success is totally dependent on three major subjects namely, clarity, alignment, and measurement. Most of the time Chell spends in research and development of new startups and working with entrepreneurs and investors in finding what is most important and specifically how to achieve it. Taking his interest in this subject he started his own organization called the business Instincts Group. Their primary tagline of the organization is “What if?” In past years Cameron has led many successful teams and companies, which he co-founded including Coldbore, Urthcast, RaptorRig, Draganfly, Slyce, TRAX, Appcoin Innovations, and Futurelink.

advanced startups

Cameron Chell has been a successful speaker at the United Nations and the Power of Success Live with Tony Robins and he regularly shares on the topics of The Art and Process of creating the impossible opportunities, overcoming adversity, technology and culture.

Trace Live network is building a building of independent devices which are controlled by our visual intelligence software. Think a drone which follows you with no human intervention while you are busy doing your trickiest tricks at the park. These devices live streams your performances and your motions to the devices which are connected to the Trace Live Network. This is a boon for a single person vlogger and the artist which performs the sickest tricks everywhere.

For which they built a camera called Tracer1. Trace is a camera which records 4k resolution videos and allows it to stream live to whichever the devices are connected to it. It has the ability to get installed on a drone, quadcopter or any moving object.

Cameron Chell says, Trace is not a hardware startups, instead, it’s a media company in their view. Their major goal was to build a device which can share your live videos in the world without human intervention. Their vision is to change every cable network to wire as he says, “wireless had to be everywhere” and their vision is to build an automated video editing software which should be able enough to pick out the relevant moments from the streaming video.

advanced startups

Tracer1 is launched in Vegas at CES, the Customer Electronic Show and it will be a bit of a test run for when Trace actually starts shipping to their customers. It is reported the Trace is building a visually intelligent smart camera that is able to click in and out of a multitude of self-controlled mechanized accessories, allowing us to stay in the moment and stream your live footage on the internet.

The video of ‘skate video superhighway’ referred at the launch hellaclips was found in 2011 by skate legend Colin Mckay and Josh Kalis. Tracer1 is the camera and is the live-action website where everyone connected will be able to enjoy the live streaming of the video from the Tracer1 camera. This is a huge achievement in Cameron Chell’s life and the biggest achievement of the Trace Company.

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