Apple Reportedly Plans on Offering TV Bundle Including Starz, Showtime and HBO

For pretty some time, Apple was gossiped at one point to be releasing its own physical television set. That finally transformed into gossips that company was planning on releasing its own streaming Television bundles.

Since then, the streaming television market has head up pretty a bit. Not just are longstanding services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV present, but newcomers like Hulu, DirecTV, and even Video Monster site have all stepped up to provide their own packages for what they feel are aggressive prices. So, while these other firms actually get what Apple was rumored to want for so long, it is not fully shocking that new rumors would surface that advise may be Apple has not given up on the idea.

According to a Recode over the weekend report, Apple is presently working on an idea that would view it sells a “premium TV bundle,” which would contain access to Starz, Showtime and HBO. These channels are accessible in the other streaming television packages provided by other firms, but they are generally part of a larger bundle, including other, not so-premium channels. (Amazon Hulu and some others do provide subscribers the capability to just include these premium channels individually, for what it is value).

Definitely, this fresh premium bundle would be served via iOS gadgets, as well as TvOS and Apple TV, but any other information in this regard remains unknown. The report does point out that, as it sets right now, company has not completed any deals with these firms, and so it does not sound like this finest package of channels is right around the side.

It is also value nothing:

Apple presently sells Showtime for $11 a month, HBO for $15 a month, and Starz for $9 a month. I don’t know the price company is seeking for its proposed bundle.

So, while company is apparently working in this and it probably would be simple to sell than other Television bundle options.

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