Refurbished iPhone 6 plus

After iPads and Macs, Apple provides refurbished iPhone 6 plus at a discount. So if you want to get an iPhone at affordable rate, it is a best chance to get it. This is the primary time when Apple publicly provides refurbished iPhones. Earlier iPhones refurnished were provided by 3rd party seller.

On Apple official site, refurnished gadgets are accessible with discounts ranging from $80 to $110. Presently 2 models are accessible only which are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Apple provides flat 15% to phones refurnished. Refurbished iphone 6 plus with storage memory of 16 GB costs $449. Anyway, iPhone 6 plus with 64GB of memory goes for $589 with cut price of $110.

Although phones refurnished not sound remarakble, but if you don’t have much cash to buy actual one, you can purchase refurbished one at discount price. These phones come with Apples regular 1 year warranty. Apple realizes that all refurbished iPhone models come with an outer shell and brand new battery.

Refurbished iPhone 6 plus Design

How to identify a refurbished iPhone 6 plus

    1. Firstly, ensure the certified seal on your iPhone box. This certified seal can point out that your iPhone is refurnished or tested by Apple-certified technicians.
    2. Look at the iPhone box. Generally, refurbished iPhone 6 plus will be packed in a white box or even without box.
    3. Go to setting on the mobile, then general and go to about. Tap on serious number to view the iPhones serial number. The serial number can confirm whether your gadget is refurbished or not.
    4. Inspect the iPhone serial number.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus (Refurbished) (GSM unlocked)

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus support both seasoned and new iPhone users rediscover the excitement of owning a Smartphone. The 64-bit processor makes games, video, and web pages load fast and perfectly, and the Retina HD display helps a best level of color and clarity in every image.

Refurbished iPhone 6 plus Slim


With Siri, Apple activated-voice personal assistant, you can do a broad range of tasks without so much as looking at your mobile.  Just say “Hey Siri” tracked by a questions or command.

Retina HD screen

The room shows of the iPhone 6 plus and 6 push Apple Retina technology into the high definition realm, improving as many pixels as few HDTVs. Such resolution helps amazing detail in streaming apps, movies and images taken with the 8MP iSight camera. The iPhone 6, 4.7 display provides enough visual real estate while still permitting for one-handed use, and for those wanting even more visual impact, the refurbished iPhone 6 plus stretches out a 5.5 screen.

Personalized security

The touch ID sensor makes unlocking your Smartphone simpler and more protect than ever before. Integrated into the home key, the sensor uses your fingerprint as password to let you unlock the gadget, make in-application purchases, and launch safe applications with just a touch.

Browse 1,000,000+ Apps

Apples ever-spreading applications marketplace contains productivity helpers, games, media players and other famous tools. This lets you customize the iPhone 6 plus for anything from following your budget to refining your Sudoku expertise.

Cutting edge wireless technology

Browse the site and stream films on the go as quick as you would at house. Both the iPhone 6 plus and 6 support 4G LTE data paces,  make sure you obtain the most out of your network. They also help voice-over LTE, which boosts audio standard to make it feel like callers are right in the room with you. If mobile phone coverage is spotty, just make your call over Wi-Fi – the gadgets seamlessly transition from VoLTE to WiFi when it is accessible again.

About Refurnished iPhone 6 plus

Apple iPhone 6 plus smartphone was released in September 2014. The phones come with 5.50 inch touch display and screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels at a 401 of PPI pixels per inch. It comes with 1GB of RAM. The mobile packs 16GB of internal storage and cannot be extended. As far as the camera are linked, the iPhone 6 plus packs an eight-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 1.2 megapixel front selfies shooter.

The Apple iPhone 6 plus operate iOS 8.0 and is run by 2915mAh non removable battery. It weights 172.00 grams and measures 158.10 x 77.80 x 7.10.

The Apple iPhone 6 plus is a one SIM smartphone that accepts a Nono-SIM. Connectivity choices contain 3G and 4G, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi. Sensors on the Phone contain proximity sensor, Magnetometer, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer and Gyroscope.

Refurbished iPhone 6 plus Silver

Apple Refurnished iPhone 6 plus features


The iPhone 6 plus specs an LED-backlit screen with IPS tech. The resolution is 1080x1920px which is about industry quality. Discuss about retina screen and we need ppi count: it is approximately 401 ppi. Apple calling it Retina High Definition screen.


The iPhone 6 plus works more as a little version of iPad mini. One of the UI customizations that you would not find in iPhone is the 2 pane interface. The iPhone 6 plus specs an iPad-like twin-pane window in landscape mode.

There is also the landscape edition of the homescreen which is pretty amazing. The docks icons stay at the bottom and just rotate ninety degree to fit the landscape orientation.

Apple commonly scale to fit the iPhone 6 plus but it also looks like there will be a specific customization to the stock applications to make use of the bigger screen real-estate.


With Reachability, you twin touch the home key and the interface slides down to about half of the height of the display. This brings best most keys and links down so you can tap on them simply, with just single hand in use.

iPhone 6 plus camera

One of the best thing about iPhone 6 plus is the optical picture stabilization. While not new, OIS is a best process by which camera shake is compensated by an action in the camera lenses arrangement. Patents to this effect and following rumors hinted at this possibility.

Matched with OIS, there is also phase-detection autofocus. Basically, Apple increasing the bar for its camera work, yet again, the picture stabilization also jobs surprises for videos with video cinematic stabilization. When you capture the video, it is 1080p at 60fps.

M8 and SoC

iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 spec the improved A8 process. It is supposedly thirty percent smaller and fifty percent quicker at processing graphics. It is also, generally, twenty percent quicker than A7. Club all this and it hopefully means best performance over less resources.

The refurnished iPhone 6 plus also specs the M8 motion co-processor. The M8 is now furnished with a barometric feature that notices elevation based on relative force. The M8 is also able of understanding when you are running, walking or cycling.


According to company, up to 3xquicker Wi-Fi, that is what your refurnished iPhone 6 brings to the table. Couple that with other remarkable specs like Wi-Fi and VoLTE calling and you have got some little upgrades to existing connectivity specs on the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 plus memory

Apple iPhone 6 plus will come with 3 storage capacities. 128GB, 64 GB and 16 GB, just like the iPhone 6, there is no 32 GB variant here. Again, like all other iPhone products, there is no official feature on the RAM. But it is extremely much possible that the iphone 6 plus specs – 1GB RAM.

Apple Pay

Apple pay is not only about NFC while that does exist as initial spec. Apple pay also lets you pay via applications without having to enter credit card info via hoops like how it happens presently. With Apple Pay, you can include credit cards, use info accessible from your iTunes account – and Apple says all payments are fully private. Neither Apple nor the cashier knows what you buy, how much you buy and your credit card info.


The size of your hands, and your capability to reach the corners of the gadget, will play a big part in determining whether the iPhone 6 plus is a best fit for you. Another deciding reason will be whether it fits into your pocket. Unless your pants are of the cargo range, you are probably going to want the iPhone 6 plus in a back pocket when you are about and out.

Landscape mode

Another program tweak exclusive to the plus is a unique layout for some applications when the phone is held sideways in landscape mode. Messages and mail provides you an iPad-like view, with a list of messages on the left and their detail on the right.

Performance and battery life

The refurnished iPhone 6 plus is extremely responsive and snappy in daily use. Both the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 are packed with the A8 process.

The iPhone 6 plus offered a strong thirteen hours and sixteen minutes in our battery rundown experiment. It backed that up with remarkable true-world performance, simply and repeatedly making it though a complete day of heavy use- featuring constant gaming, website browsing, GPS, video streaming and navigation.

In the end, we need to address the problem that has gone viral – the flexible iPhone. Apple has replied by claiming that there have only been 9 cases so far and we trust it. We have been using the iPhone 6 plus in solid jeans while sitting, cycling and walking around for months and it is still as in a straight line as an arrow.

Video Review of Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus

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