alienware laptop wont turn on

Alienware laptop wont turn on. I read this question mostly on forum, I really surprised that what is the reason of this question. When I see the question and answer of these type, i guess that there is mostly common issues of this problem. Alienware laptop wont turn on because for a adapter or because of heating or etc. Only some people have a major issue. So I can not give you idea for major issue because this is mostly done by Laptop repair expert. Here i try to guide you for some minor issues. so lets start.

The Four main Question mostly asked about this issues are:

  1. Alienware laptop wont turn on
  2. Alienware turn on but Power on self test in unable to complete
  3. Alienware turns on and able to complete the power on self test but windows not open.
  4. Alienware not displaying anyting
  1. Alienware laptop wont turn on.

After the press of power button and there is no any lights, no acitvity or no fans then there is no any power issue. In this situation following suggetions are recommended for you.

  • Reset the connections of power cables cables from both ends: power outlet and computer.
  • Try with another power outlet or check that the power outlet you are using is properly working for a known working device.
  • Be sure that the battery is charged. Also try be removing battery and on the power with adapter only.
  • Perform a power drain by removing the battery from laptop and hold down the button of power for 15-20 seconds to discharge static power. Then Connect the battery again and try to on the laptop.

After these steps if problem is not solved then it may be related with a major problem.

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  1. Alienware turn on but Power on self test is unable to complete

If Alienware turn on but diagnostic test is unable to complete then there is a no post issue.

Following issues indicates a failed post:

  • Alienware Logo appear on laptop but not move after that.
  • Lights up of power indicator and it is orange or amber.
  • Something displays at all during the startup process but after it is black.
  • Laptop is beeping or Num/Caps/Scroll Lock LEDs are falshing.

Following tables for Alienware laptop illustrate the beep codes and root cause possible.

Beep Code Description
1 System Board, BIOS corruption or ROM error (Contact Alienware))
2 No RAM detected*. (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)
3 System Board Chipset Failure (Contact Alienware)
4 Memory failure (Reseat Memory modules or test individually)
5 CMOS battery failure (Press FN key when turning on the computer)
6 Video card / chip failure (Contact Alienware)
7 CPU failure (Contact Alienware)
8 LCD failure (Contact Alienware)

It is suggested that if Caps/Scroll locks/Nums are not flashing and laptop is not beeping then hold the Fn key and after it press the power button. Pre boot testing is starts and launch to the Diagnostics screen.

  1. Alienware turns on and able to complete the power on self test but windows not open.

If all process is complete but operating system hangs up after past the alienware logo screen then this mostly a No BOOT issue.

In this situation I recommended that

  • Check the values of BIOS default are correct for your system. To do this restart laptop and press F2 key for enter in setup and ensure the Raid/Hard Drive setting are correct.
  • If problem not solved then Run PSA Diagnostics by pressing the F12.

  1. Alienware not displaying anyting

When everything is normal but during the startup its not shown video on laptop then this sign is a NO Video issue.

When this occurs it is recommended that you:

  • If you can access BIOS after on the laptop, then press F2 immediately. If nothing is shown there then try to run the (BIST) Built in self test.
  • For run BIST off the laptop and while pressing the power button hold the D key. Built-in self test is start. Multiple flashing colors displaying on the the screen. Now observed Video issues. After finished test laptop will restart.
  • If still your problem is not solved then connect the laptop with an external monitor for confirm it is related to laptop lcd or video card.

Thanks for reading my article about alienware laptop wont turn on. If you like it then share it on social sites for helping other peoples and I am really sorry for my bad English.

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