What is a Cloud? Yes, you heard me right. “What is a cloud?” If you inquire from dozen people you might be getting a dozen different answers to the very question. People are aware of it, heard of it, use cloud service, but may fail to define the cloud.
People may consider cloud nebulous or abstract model, whereas, in reality, Cloud is just a third party on which businesses can lend their services in terms of managing their data. And one of this cloud service is provided by Microsoft’s Azure.
With Amazon being a giant in the cloud business, Microsoft provided Azure as their own business solution. With Microsoft Azure customers can rely on and sit back in relaxation as they are ascertained that their assets are protected by Microsoft’s Cloud Computing solution. This global workforce has proclaimed of serving more than a hundred countries, spread worldwide, with the aims of working to provide consistency and feasibility to its customers.
The pro with Microsoft Azure is the surety it reciprocates as in trust you shown over them. Your information is secured in transit and at rest. Never to be reaching the grasps of unintended recipients neither the hackers. Ensuring, the keys to all your assets are safe with you and you alone.
This surety and reliance on Microsoft’s Cloud platform are what drives masses to the Azure.
The advanced security systems in the heart of the platform, one may breathe with relief realizing that your assets are secure under the latest security features never vulnerable to be attacked nor hacked.
Cloud is changing the way of your working, as the cloud solutions are being developed and introduced with a distance of hours and days. Applications coming forth, that carry greater sight, improved and impenetrable security.
These are the times when IOT and data aren’t just breaking boundaries but also pushing us to strive further ahead then what was once thought to be possible. The ask of the hour is, what you are going to be planning to do with it?


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